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About Us

The Decode Car Hire “About Us” page is less about us and more about you. When we were building our website, we really wanted to include all of the tools that would help our customers have a positive experience. At Decode Car Hire, we are totally committed to providing our customers with everything they need from cheap worldwide car hire and specific driving regulations, to recent news, the name of our suppliers and even post-car hire support. Our high-powered search engine will produce a huge fleet list of our available cars in the destination of your choice. The Decode slogan of Worldwide car hire has two very powerful meanings. One, we accept reservations from customers all over the world and two, we provide car hires at destinations all over the world.

Searching for the lowest price on car hire has the reputation of being a painstaking process. With our website, we take all of the hassles away from searching many different places with our multiple company comparison output. It might take you all day to complete the work that our search engine delivers in a few seconds. We are different from the other internet brokerage car hire websites because we show you the company’s name that is supplying the car before you make a reservation. Many of our competitors do not allow you to see where the car is coming from until you finalize your reservation. At Decode Car Hire, we let you see that company so you can choose the supplier you like the best. This will also give you the chance to rule out any companies that you dislike. We want you to have all the necessary information before you reserve a car hire so you will be satisfied. We give you access to all of this information because we want you to be in control of your car hire. We believe it would be better if you used all of the information and decide to not use our website, than if you reserved a car on our website only to be unsatisfied later. Every customer is important to use, whether it is a first time user, a returning user, or simply a perspective client. We want every customer to be in full control of the car hire booking process.