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The city of Malaga is situated at the base of the Malaga Mountains in the river valleys of the Guadalhorce and the Guadalmina. The beauty of this area is readily apparent while driving your cheap car rental Malaga. The sharp decline from the mountains to the valley guards the city from northern winds thus keeping the warm all year. Cheap car hire Malaga is a perfect getaway during the whole year with over 300 days of sunlight, warm winter temperatures and beaches featuring pure white sand. All of the beaches are in a quick drive from the city with your car rent Malaga. If you are lucky, you can swim December through February and of course all other months with a help of car rental Malaga.

Picturesque Spanish City

Malaga is steeped in culture and history. Best way how to discover the unique city is with car hire Malaga. It is a unique city that combines traditional Spanish art, sport and gastronomy with modern high rise buildings and a thriving economic status.

Don't miss anything of these admirable monuments with cheap car rental Malaga. The most pleasing venue of the city would have to be the Plire plaza de la Malagueta. Take car rent Malaga and come to the plaza and witness traditional Spanish bullfighting in one of the 14,000 seats. The structure was built in 1876 and now rests in the shadows of the surrounding buildings. The Plaza de la Malagueta is the most impressive of the 16 bullfighting arenas in the area.

If you are not attracted to the bullfighting rings, you can choose car hire Malaga and head for the Malaga Cathedral or Pablo Picasso Museum. The Cathedral was built in the early 16th century and receive several additions until it reached its current appearance in the year 1782. You can take cheap car rental Malaga and stop by on weekdays and browse the museum or come for mass on Sunday.

Visit Picasso Museum With Cheap Car Rental Malaga

One of the most celebrated artists of the world, Pablo Picasso, was born in Malaga in 1881. You can tour the recently erected museum dedicated to the life and times of Malaga’s favorite son. Take cheap car rent Malaga and drive to the fabulous museum where you will discover over 200 original pieces of Picasso art. Most of the works are from the collections of his extended family and they can only be seen in Malaga.

Experience an Amazing Wildlife Driving a Cheap Car Hire Malaga

To the north of Malaga, you can drive to the Laguna de Fuente de Piedra with your cheap car rental Malaga. This is the 2nd largest inland lagoon in Spain and home to concentrations of over 50,000 flamingos. It is impossible to describe how stunning it is to see the huge group of pink birds surveying the shallow waters for food. The only way to know how incredible the scene, is to come and have a look for yourself and the best way to do it is to choose a cheap car hire Malaga.

La Malagueta Beach

If you are taking a vacation to Malaga, one of your first priorities will be to hit the beach. While there are many beaches in the area that you can drive to with the cheap car rental Malaga, the one that you might find most interesting is La Malagueta Beach. The beach is over 2 km long so you should have no trouble finding a nice place to spend the day. The best part about La Malagueta is that it is close to the city center so you will not have to drive very far in the car hire Malaga to arrive at the shore. If your hotel is close enough, you might not have to drive at all. The best time to come is between the months of April and October because the air and water temperature are warm enough for swimming.