Car Hire & van rental Seattle

Reserve a cheap car hire in Seattle, Washington and let your trip begin before you ever leave. With the help of the experienced Decode Car Hire team, the vehicle you rent will be a smooth part of your trip. With all the famous sites, exciting attractions, and so many other reasons for traveling to Seattle you will be happy to have a dependable car hire. We are eager to show you just how easy your Seattle rental car experience can be. Let us find you the perfect car hire and you can take care of the rest.

Welcome to Seattle

The Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, known by the locals as Sea-Tac Airpot, provides convenient car hire services. Allow us to make plans for your 9 passenger van rental pick-up at the Seattle Airport. You can also get your rental car from many other locations in the city. Return your vehicle to the car hire location of your request. Look forward to the convenience and dependability that only Decode Car Hire can provide in Seattle, Washington.

Seattle is Famous For

Seattle, Washington is the birthplace of rock guitar god Jimi Hendrix and the cradle of grunge music. The city is home to many famous music groups as well. Tour with your car hire and experience the new and old music scene. Coffee is a staple in "the Emerald City" and you can get a cup at Seattle’s most famous company, Starbucks. It is also known as the Gateway to the Pacific and the Gateway to Alaska. In Seattle, Washington you will be in the company of the most educated people in the U.S. You will feel smart too with the great price on your car hire.

Geography of Seattle

Originally, Seattle was a thriving lumber town. The Gold Rush, World War I, and the Great Depression have brought about many changes to the city. Miss nothing as you tour the hills and countryside, which receive over 200 days of cloud cover per year. The car hire provides good shelter as you cruise to your next destination.
Because Seattle is in a rainy climate zone, you will be thankful for a car hire with good traction. Puget Sound, the Pacific Ocean, and Lake Washington moderate the city from temperature extremes. Be sure to take your car hire past the landmark Space Needle, which is the highest structure in the city.

Seattle’s Artistic Side

Boasting some 100 theatrical production companies, Seattle offers live venues dedicated to providing incredible entertainment. Arguably, only New York has better theaters, but none more worthwhile than the Romanesque Revival. Drive the rental car and see a great show.